Parkio App

Artificial intelligence packed car parking assistant

Parkio is your all in one intelligent piece of software which remembers the location where you parked your car, automatically, all on its own, even if you don’t.

App Ui

Starting from scratch for the best

We designed a new unified visual system for the app and re-visited the thinking behind the more complex interactions in the user flow. The result is more Valley, less Henry Avenue.


How we helped

The challenge, our solution & the results

Challenge: Help people remember the location where they parked their car, with minimum user intervation, without any other special device to purchase or install in their cars, to figure out with existing setup.

Solution: By levaraging the power of the world’s biggest digital revolution. Smart-phone. Create a mobile app for Android & iPhones, so that their users can be empowered with such a software.

Result: Parkio. A artificial intelligence based car parking assistant which remembers the location where you parked your car all on its own. Whether be it a small town, or a crowded city, be it underground or floors high, Parkio’s got you covered. All you need is couple of minutes to install this app & it silently manages everything in background. Whenever, at your will, you press the walk back to car, it simply maps your way back. Simple, intutive & aesthetically designed.