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7 Free SVG Pattern Generators


The present article offers a brief introduction to vectors, and catalogs seven of the many excellent, free resources out there for creating perfect vector patterns. How you use these SVG pattern generators is up to you. 1. Bump Set Creative designer Matt Lipman has a complete SVG background generator tool free to use with attribution, or without attribution by purchasing a...

Free Average Image Color Generator


The Average Image Color Generator is a free online tool which calculates the average color of an image in RGB and HEX format. You can upload your own images or use the tool with the preset images. Besides the average color, you will also get the opposite color. Never again struggle to find the perfect color to start your design. By finding the average color of an image, which can be used to...

Onion Icon Library: A Free Editable Vector Icons Library


Onion Icon Library is a free editable icons library with over 5000 icons available for editing and downloading. The library is available as an online app where you can edit any of the 5000 icons and download it in PNG, SVG or sprites format to use in your projects. The free version only allows you to use the icons for your personal projects and commercial projects with attribution. The icons...

Copy & Paste CSS Animations Cheat Sheets


Animation is a staple of web and UI design. A perfectly still website devoid of even subtle hover states can feel incomplete, like something essential is missing. Luckily, there are many ways to add animations to your website. WebGL, JavaScript, and even HTML5 all support or are dedicated to animation. But one of the easiest to learn and implement are CSS animations. Flash was another source of...

Best Free Avatar Icons & Mockups


If you need a personal avatar or a mockup for a website you’re designing, then there are a lot of avatar icons available online. SVG’s for your designs, photographs for those website mockups, you’ll find a variety of different avatars and icons perfect for your next project. 1. Humaaans Humaaans are little vector people, available for commercial use in a free design library. You can...

8 Free Unique Fonts You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Yet


As a designer, you should always be on the lookout for an interesting new font to try. Typography is one of the most important elements of a design, and a unique font can really set your creation apart. Decorative ones in particular can be rare due to the difficulty in making stylized text both beautiful and legible. Less common is these fonts being released for free, even on a personal license...

Free Airport Ads Mock-up


As the traveling season has already started, a Free Airport Ads Mock-up seems the right fit, therefore, this is our new freebie! Place your clients’ next advertisement design on this mock-up, or just their logo on the already crafted ad sample. This will help you to better showcase your designs and impress your client. The mock-up comes as a high-resolution PSD file, layered, organized and smart...

For Professional Web/App Designers and Developers


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