Pagination: 10 Clever & Unique Examples

Pagination: 10 Clever & Unique Examples

Whether it’s a list of blog posts, a photo or video gallery, an image slider, or anything else on a website that has multiple pages, they all have something in common: pagination, or a way to navigate from page to page. While many websites use relatively common layouts and styles for page navigation, this is an area where designers and developers can add some creativity to enhance the user experience. In this post we’ve compiled 10 CodePen examples of creative page navigation for your inspiration. We hope these will inspire you to try out some new tricks of your own.

Responsive Flexbox Pagination



Yeti Hand


Pure CSS3 Responsive Pagination

Pagination Buttons

AngularJS – Example with logic like Google

Flexing arrows


How Will You Spice Up Your Pagination?

Did these examples of page navigation give you some ideas? Did they spark your creativity and inspire you to try something different in your next project? Sure, you can stick with the basic, plain old page numbers, but why not kick it up a notch? Let us know if you try something new next time, and be sure to check out our other blog articles of code snippets while you’re at it.

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