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How to Wire-frame for Mobile Apps and Websites & What’s the Difference?


Wire-framing is one of the best ways to test your product concept without significant expenditure of time and resources. But how do you actually wire-frame for mobile apps and websites, and how do the processes differ? While a website can be rendered using HTML, apps are downloaded and installed on your mobile device as applications instead of rendered within a browser. In this comprehensive...

CSS Animations: To enhance User Experience


CSS animations is something that most website owners know they want to incorporate in their websites. However, most people don’t know how to do it right. Having the right kind of animations is one way of creating a delightful user experience. But there’s obviously a lot more that goes into it for a delightful experience. And while many designers simply slap together animations to see what works...

7 Simple Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website from Brute Force Attacks


A brute force attack is one of the most basic types of cyber attacks which aims at gaining access to websites and applications by repeated trial-and-error and guessing of login credentials. The attackers typically employ automation software which sends a large number of requests to the target system. With each request, the software tries to guess the information needed to break in, like username...

6 Great Techniques for Website Performance Optimization (2019)


Website performance optimization can feel too laborious, you just want your WordPress website to load quicker and faster and feel more stable, and some people are suggesting you to do technical things like CSS minification, render-blocking JavaScript, and HTTP requests. Today in this post, we’re going to make website performance optimization a lot simpler by focusing on just the techniques which...

Converting from Speech to Text with JavaScript


In this tutorial we are going to experiment with the Web Speech API. It’s a very powerful browser interface that allows you to record human speech and convert it into text. We will also use it to do the opposite – reading out strings in a human-like voice. Let’s jump right in! The App To showcase the ability of the API we are going to build a simple voice-powered note app...

The Ultimate Online Privacy Guide


In today's world, privacy is our biggest concern, with governments, hackers & many other agencies constantly spying on our activities, its important to keep safe. Today we're going very in-depth on the privacy, with a courtesy to our friends at, compiled here is the ultimate online privacy guide. It includes tips on how to improve one’s privacy online and how to anonymize information...

8 Ways to Elevate Your Website through Blog Writing


One of the best ways of improving the traffic to your site is through blogging. On top of providing your audience with some useful information, you will get an opportunity to get back repeat visits. With blogging, you can increase the number of your keyword usage and indexed pages on your site, making it possible for the search engines to rank the site higher. If you are wondering how to promote...

Free SVG Code Tutorials for Designer’s & Dev’s


Most designers create their SVGs in software like Illustrator and that’s a legit way to go. But it’s also possible to embed SVG content into a web page solely in code. No HTTP graphics to download & no other extra file to add into the page. This process is slowly growing in popularity among the web design community and there are so many tutorials out there on the process. Not to...

How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress (Manually and via Plugin)


As a website owner, something that you should definitely be familiar with is how to add Google Analytics to WordPress. Web analytics allow you to understand how visitors interact with your site. That information enables you to make improvements and create an even better user experience. For that reason, this article will show you everything you need to know about this topic. It will explain...

Link Building Strategies: The Beginner’s Guide for eCommerce Stores


If search engine optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind eCommerce websites, link building is the gasoline. Effective link building is responsible for more than 50 percent of your SEO success. Getting links from other websites helps improve your search engine rankings and traffic but understanding how to utilize links in the best way, however, takes strategy. Link building not only...

For Professional Web/App Designers and Developers


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