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Matter.css: A Pure CSS Material Components Library

Description: Matter.css is a collection of Material Design inspired, CSS only components for modern web & mobile design. Components included: ButtonCheckboxRadio buttonToggle switchRange sliderProgress barText fieldTooltipAnd more… How to use it: Download and include the Matter.css on the web page. <link rel="stylesheet" href="matter.css"> Official Page: GithubDownload:...

The Ultimate Online Privacy Guide

In today's world, privacy is our biggest concern, with governments, hackers & many other agencies constantly spying on our activities, its important to keep safe. Today we're going very in-depth on the privacy, with a courtesy to our friends at, compiled here is the ultimate online privacy guide. It includes tips on how to improve one’s privacy online and how to anonymize information...

Public Sans: A nice open-source typeface

Public Sans is a strong, neutral, principles-driven, open-source typeface for text or display. It is a fork of the SIL Open Licensed face Libre Franklin released by USWDS.

It comes in 9 weights and has a pretty good multilingual support. Public Sans is a good option for sites that currently use Open Sans, Tahoma, Libre Franklin, Arial, or Helvetica.

Download: Link

Hamillton Signature: Demo Font

Hamillton Signature Font Demo is made with simple and elegant handwriting. The font looks elegant, classy, legible, stylish, memorable, and easy to use. Hence it makes a perfect choice for logo design, quotes, album covers, business cards, and many other design projects. From business cards to photo watermarks, Hamillton comes to make your designs more classy and elegant. Thanks...

How to Minify Your WordPress Site’s CSS, HTML & JavaScript

Minification is a simple concept that is often recommended as a step towards speeding up your website. But the reality is, it frustrates many site owners no end when they attempt to minify their files and end up breaking their site. So what gives? Minification often requires a lot of experimentation. While there are many solutions available, how they behave will vary from site to site depending...

Core: A front-end kit for React

Core is a front-end feature UI kit released by the folks of Mason. Core comes with a builder that allows you to design a page picking components form a library including more than 70 elements. Once you have done with page building, you can then deploy your app real time. You just need to create a free account to get started with your site design in minutes!

Noah: Free geometric sans-serif font

Noah is the latest wonderful Fontfabric creation: a geometric sans-serif fontwith sharp details and a distinctive arrangement. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of typographic purposes and you can see a few examples below. Regular, regular italic, bold and bold italic styles are free to download.

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