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What’s the difference between a Mobile app & a Web app?

There is a common misconception that native mobile apps and web apps are the same thing — but actually, the two are very different. Not only are there differences for the user; they are also developed and deployed differently, so it’s important not to get the two confused. First though, it can be useful to distinguish between web apps and websites. Simply put, a web app is a website that is...

Seven hottest web trends for 2019

The web industry is constantly changing. Here are the trends to watch out for in 2019. Predicting coming web design trends is always tricky. Get it right and you are praised for being ahead of the curve; get it wrong and you are met with a flood of I-told-you-sos. That said, I’m going to push my luck to see if I can provide some insight into the trends that will define web design in 2019...

Link Building Strategies: The Beginner’s Guide for eCommerce Stores

If search engine optimization (SEO) is the driving force behind eCommerce websites, link building is the gasoline. Effective link building is responsible for more than 50 percent of your SEO success. Getting links from other websites helps improve your search engine rankings and traffic but understanding how to utilize links in the best way, however, takes strategy. Link building not only...

Six great UX testing tools

Use data to back up your UX decisions with a little help from these handy tools and resources. When it comes to evaluating the success of your user experience strategies, it’s essential not to let personal bias and assumptions cloud your view. However, in this post, we’re going to focus on the web design tools dedicated to testing your UX efforts. We’ll start with some data...

Nov 2018 – Three Essential Design Trends

When looking at good design, We often look for things that are not totally obvious. There’s an instinct that we like something before we know why. That’s the common thread among this month’s three essential design trends. From animations that delight and take projects to the next level, to white space that makes a design so approachable, to dark color overlays that enhance readability, these...

Optimizing images for top-notch performance

Web-quality imagery is always a balancing act between using the smallest possible file size while providing good image quality. Embedding a photo straight off your DSLR may look nice, but it will slow your website’s load to a crawl, while an over-compressed image may improve the speed of your site yet discredit the design and overall aesthetic. For the two types of image assets we predominantly...

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