Minify and Compress PNGs Fast With UPNG

Minify and Compress PNGs Fast With UPNG

You know how difficult transparent PNGs can be if you work with them frequently.

It takes a lot of effort to edit, export, and publish transparent PNGs. Not to mention the compression procedure, which aims to reduce file size without sacrificing quality.

UPNG can assist you. It’s a web-based image optimizer that’s specifically developed to optimize PNG files.

The UI is really dang simple, as you can see from the homepage.

Choose the PNG file you wish to optimize from the drop-down menu. Then adjust your own settings to vary between the entire size of the image (output KB) and the image’s final quality.

Note: This is very similar to TinyPNG but the creator for UPNG actually wrote a comparison post detailing why their tool is better and how it can compress PNGs faster with less quality loss.

This is one dedicated developer.

It’s all the work of the Photopea team, who have also created a few other free picture utilities for the web. As a result, this is a crew that understands how to provide high-quality photo editing resources.

For web developers, they have created a free JS version of the UPNG platform.

This manner, you may use JavaScript to run the same compression engine on your own site.

If you use PNGs frequently, check out UPNG and give it a try.

And, when compared to many of the JPEG compression tools available, it’s one of the cleanest we’ve ever used.

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