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8 Best Free Libraries For SVG


All modern browsers support the SVG filetype and it’s quickly becoming a favored choice among web designers. You can design beautiful icons as SVGs and scale them to any size without quality loss. This is one of the biggest benefits of the SVG format considering retina displays are on the rise. If you’d like to animate or manipulate your SVGs that’ll take a little more work. But these free...

Top Ten Free Animation Libraries For The Web


Animation is one of the key trends for 2018, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to add movement to your sites. We look at the best free animation libraries for web projects. You can build some crazy things with UI animations on the web. This is quickly becoming the norm for modern websites where user engagement is a big deal. If you look around you’ll find plenty of code generators...

Seven Sites Which Works Just Fine Without JavaScript


Too many developers rely on JavaScript as an essential resource. We look at a range of sites that are modern, interactive, and feature great UX, without the need of JavaScript. Gather ’round, ladies, gents, and children. Lo, before your very eyes, we shall reveal several freaks of the Internet! Behold! Websites that don’t need JavaScript to display their god-given content! Oh, you think I’m...

Ten Plus Wonderful Resources For Developers


Web developers are always ready to pack with fresh, trendy and latest tools and resources which help them in their work and save time. For the web developers another latest and fresh resources have come out. All these fresh and wonderful resources are fully packed with superb and useful tools like JavaScript libraries, frameworks, plugins, best practices guide, productive apps, tools and much...

Popmotion, Javascript Motion Engine for Animated UI


We seen an up-and-coming trend in design that will definitely bleed into 2016 for animation incorporated into UI. With the opposite trend of static websites emerging as well, some would argue otherwise. However, with the development of CSS3 and JavaScript, we see more and more developers embracing interactive animation in their programming. The development of clever little Javascript engines...

JSON Generator is a free webapp for Generating Data Structures


JSON Generator is a free web tool for building sample JSON content. You simply enter a few parameters based on custom data like avatar photos, user names, etc. A built-in algorithm passes over the syntax to create fully-functioning custom JSON data for any web application. The site was created by Vazha Omanashvili as a project for generating JSON code & managing custom blocks of sample data...

Unit Testing Private Methods in Javascript


JavaScript is growing up.  As it matures, we see more and more improvement associated with JavaScript testing and deployments.  One area I get a lot of questions about is unit testing, more specifically, unit testing private methods. Traditional revealing module pattern. When dealing with this issue, there are two main approaches commonly used.   The first is to test the method through another...

Top Repository for Free jQuery Plugins


The jQuery repository is perhaps the best place to find brand new jQuery plugins. It’s a self-branded webapp with “a jQuery plugin a day”. You can find everything from menus to parallax features, media sliders and practically anything you could imagine. Every developer loves to find a new tool or resource that enhances their workflow. Since jQuery is the most widely-accepted JS library...

Streetlayer – Free Address Validation & Autocomplete API


Obtaining international addresses from clients and customers just got a whole lot easier. Streetlayer offers a seamless address data processing add-on. The JSON API helps to analyze, validate, and format international addresses immediately upon entering the system. The primary benefit is that you get higher quality data sets. The full address is verified and with postal code filtering, you never...

Algolia Places – Fast and Beautiful Address AutoCompletion


Algolia Places is a fast, beautiful and easy-to-use address autocompletion. It turns any <input> into an address autocomplete. Algolia Places provides a fast, distributed and easy way to use an address search autocomplete JavaScript library on your website. It has been designed to improve the user experience of your HTML forms. It harnesses OpenStreetMap’s impressive open source database of...

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