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Gangster Grotesk: Free Typeface in 3 Weights


Gangster Grotesk is a free for personal and commercial use typeface inspired by the 1920’s Grotesk typefaces. It is a contemporary typeface that combines a sharp contrast with angled terminal strokes that curve inward ever so slightly. These elements are simple but effective, lending the typeface character while being practically invisible at small sizes. Typeface comes in 3 weights, light...

Hamillton Signature: Demo Font


Hamillton Signature Font Demo is made with simple and elegant handwriting. The font looks elegant, classy, legible, stylish, memorable, and easy to use. Hence it makes a perfect choice for logo design, quotes, album covers, business cards, and many other design projects. From business cards to photo watermarks, Hamillton comes to make your designs more classy and elegant. Thanks...

Optician Sans: A Font That Your Eye Remembers


Have you visited the ophthalmologist in a while? Do you remember the letters on the wall you read from a distance? You might not be surprised to learn that this kind of font is available for personal use. Optician Sans is developed on 10 different historical letters which ophthalmologists use to check patients’ vision. This typeface is a product of decades-long work, and finally, it is...

Gutenberg Font Family


Check out the design tribute to printing introducer Johannes Gutenberg! The reverberation of his noble contribution to the typography history is reflected through this sans serif font. Sketchy inky edges, 296 glyphs and multi-language support — it’s all about Gutenberg. You have a chance to choose between a rough and clean style, depending on your aims and a desirable effect...

Mort: Funky Font


Mort is free funky font that can be good choice for your next design project. It is a chunky personality-filled display font that ideal for poster, print, branding, advertising and more

This free font can be used in various project only for personal use. This free font was designed and released by Libbie Bischoff

Best Premium Fonts for Designing Logos


01. Diadema Diadema is a sans-serif font by Chrisworks Design. The font combines vintage elegance and simplicity with modern curves to create a unique font that can be used for a variety of different purposes, including simple logo designs and headings in articles. This font is available in TrueType TTF format. Price: Starting at $9.00.Link: GraphicRiver 02. MOAM Typeface MOAM Typeface is a...

Animosa: Free sans-serif font family


Animosa is a free font family, “high in spirit and even in temperament” as its creator Stefano Giliberti says. Font is freepersonal and commercial use and it provides support for 93 languages, 508 glyphs and 5 weights! Animosa is very versatile, you can use it for web and any other graphic design project (e.g. poster, flyers, logotypes, etc). A big thanks to Stefano for this...

For Professional Web/App Designers and Developers


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