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P Keyboard Shortcuts For Design Programs

S is a lovely online tools that provides free keyboard shortcuts for all your design and development programs is a minimal elegant style. The site is organized around 3 main sections: Design, Development and Miscellaneous. Currently you can find keyboard shortcuts for Sublime Text and WordPress in the Development section. In the Design...

5 Good Flat File CMS Options


When we think of content management systems (CMS), we often think about popular offerings such as WordPress and Drupal. Both rely on a traditional MySQL database, where a website’s content and settings are stored. However, not all systems work this way. A flat file CMS, for example, eschews the need for a database server. They store site data in a simple text file. This cuts down on latency and...

How to Wire-frame for Mobile Apps and Websites & What’s the Difference?


Wire-framing is one of the best ways to test your product concept without significant expenditure of time and resources. But how do you actually wire-frame for mobile apps and websites, and how do the processes differ? While a website can be rendered using HTML, apps are downloaded and installed on your mobile device as applications instead of rendered within a browser. In this comprehensive...

How to Stay Focused & Productive as a Freelancer


For some freelancers, churning out work and keeping focused comes easy. For others, it’s a living nightmare. If you find yourself struggling and wasting hours on social media, all hope isn’t lost. Before you give up on freelancing and go back to that office job, try these tips to get back on track. Establish Structure Many people choose freelancing for its freedom. What’s better than...

For Professional Web/App Designers and Developers


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