100+ IFTTT Applets to Supercharge Android and iOS

100+ IFTTT Applets to Supercharge Android and iOS

In today’s world, a smartphone is one’s best friend — if used judiciously! Don’t you agree? However, we hardly use our mobiles to full potential, thanks to the abundance of apps and features. IFTTT — the online connection and automation service — helps solve this problem by automating petty tasks for us.

IFTTT, which stands for “IF This Then That“, is the free method to get all your apps and services talk to each other. How does it help? Let’s say, if your email app can tell to your calendar that it has received a new email with a meeting detail, the calendar can create an event for the meeting — all by itself.

Similarly, IFTTT can also help to automate the trivial tasks in a smartphone. For example, you can send a call-you-later message upon getting a call during a meeting. However, it’s not the actual beauty of IFTTT. It has little programs called recipes, which anyone can install and automate a task magically!

Does it sound amazing? Let’s talk about the IFTTT recipes that can help you to automate mundane tasks in Android and iOS. I have picked them judiciously to help improve productivity so that you can find time for pretty things.

How to Install IFTTT Applets

You can install the given applets or recipes in two ways. Firstly, you can click the given link in this write-up, log in to your IFTTT account, and set up the applet.

Alternatively, you can simply search for the recipe in IFTTT app for Android or iOS, and then configure the applet on your device. Let’s check the steps:

  • Open IFTTT and sign up or log in to your account in IFTTT.
  • Browse or search for the applets or recipes inside IFTTT (using the search icon given in the top bar of the IFTTT app).
  • Tap an applet of your choice. For example, I chose “Extend your battery by shutting off bluetooth when your battery is low”.
  • Click on the button that says “Turn on” and confirm any additional dialogs. And you’re done! The applet will be up and running.
  • Finally, if you wish to configure further options for the applet (if the applet has some options), then click the gear icon to do it.

IFTTT Applets for Android

Let’s first check out the applets for powering up your Android device. I have arranged the recipes under categories to help you browse them quickly.

Battery and emergencies

Backup and sync solutions

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tricks

Calls and messages recipes

Sound and vibration applets

Wallpaper and more settings

Alexa, Wear, and other devices

IFTTT Applets for iOS

Now, let’s find the recipes for automating multiple tasks on iOS. Again, I have sorted the applets under categories, so you can browse them speedily.

Backup and cloud solutions

Calendar and contacts recipes

Photos and videos recipes

Reminders and Reading lists

Alexa, Fitbit, and more devices

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