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Seven hottest web trends for 2019


The web industry is constantly changing. Here are the trends to watch out for in 2019. Predicting coming web design trends is always tricky. Get it right and you are praised for being ahead of the curve; get it wrong and you are met with a flood of I-told-you-sos. That said, I’m going to push my luck to see if I can provide some insight into the trends that will define web design in 2019...

No-nonsense visitor traffic


There should be no need to tell you that traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. No traffic, no leads. No leads, no sales. No sales, no business. So the first important issue before an online business is to drive more and more traffic to your site, no matter how many leads are converted into successful sales of your products or services. Here are few tried and true strategies to generate...

MJML – The Framework that Makes Responsive-Email Easy


MJML is a markup language designed to reduce the pain of coding a responsive email. Its semantic syntax makes it easy and straightforward while its rich standard components library fastens your development time and lightens your email codebase. MJML’s open-source engine takes care of translating the MJML you wrote into responsive HTML.
Requirements: –
License: MIT License

Quickly Create Responsive HTML Emails with Foundation


We know building HTML emails is hard, especially responsive emails. That’s why ZURB created Foundation for Emails. Get away from complex table markup and inconsistent results. Use Foundation for Emails to spend less time coding emails, and more time on other things, like building amazing products. Making a marketing or promotional email? Drip campaign? Transactional email? Foundation for Emails...

Working with Remote Clients ? Follow these 2 simple rules


Most of the times software companies expect of working face to face with clients, but with more & more casualness growing amongst technology companies, especially the ones which allow you to work in-house, for ex.: Azoora Inc., most of the designers/developers or even business representatives should be prepared to work remotely with clients. It’s more than a little different from working with...

For Professional Web/App Designers and Developers


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