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Google gives Android developers new tools to make money from users who won’t pay


Google  today is introducing a new way for Android developers to generate revenue from their mobile applications. And no, it’s not subscription-related. Instead, the company is launching a new monetization option for apps called “Rewarded Products.” This will allow non-paying app users to contribute to an app’s revenue stream by sacrificing their time, but not their money. The...

Google will bring its Assistant to Android Messages


It’s only been a few weeks since Google  bought the Assistant to Google Maps to help you reply to messages, play music and more. This feature first launched in English and will soon start rolling out to all Assistant phone languages. In addition, Google also today announced that the Assistant will come to Android Messages, the standard text messaging app on Google’s mobile...

We’re Honored, to be Honored.


We are delighted and proud to announce that, our android app Rune – Zodiac Quotes, have been chosen to be showcased in the Framwork7’s Showcase! A huge thank-you to Framwork7 & Vladimir Kharlampidi for considering our app through their process of acceptance to be showcased. We’d like to mention that its not less than an award for us to be included in the...

For Professional Web/App Designers and Developers


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