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a Keyboard Shortcuts For Design Programs

S is a lovely online tools that provides free keyboard shortcuts for all your design and development programs is a minimal elegant style. The site is organized around 3 main sections: Design, Development and Miscellaneous. Currently you can find keyboard shortcuts for Sublime Text and WordPress in the Development section. In the Design...

Copy & Paste CSS Animations Cheat Sheets


Animation is a staple of web and UI design. A perfectly still website devoid of even subtle hover states can feel incomplete, like something essential is missing. Luckily, there are many ways to add animations to your website. WebGL, JavaScript, and even HTML5 all support or are dedicated to animation. But one of the easiest to learn and implement are CSS animations. Flash was another source of...

simpleParallax: Easiest Way To Create Parallax Scrolling Website


SimpleParallax is a very simple and tiny JavaScript library which adds parallax animations on any images. The parallax effect is added directly on image tags, there is no need to use background-image like most of the other parallax libraries do. Basically, you can add parallax effects on a production website without breaking its layout. You can also choose to apply the parallax on picture...

Puniko Rough Script Demo


Puniko Rough Script Demo is created by hand-lettered process to get a natural feel in every glyphs combination. we try to create this font with a perfect weight so would be perfect for all types of printing techniques, embroidery, laser-cut, gold foil, etc. Suitable for weddings, invitations, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary, design title, blog header, art quote...

10 Interesting JS and CSS Libraries for July 2019


Our job at Azoora’s Blog is to keep you up to date with the latest and coolest trends in web industry. That’s why every month we release a handpicked collection of some of the best resources that we’ve stumbled upon which deemed worthy of your attention. If you enjoy these articles, please share your thoughts about it and subscribe our blog also. Whenever we release a new article, we share...

Best Free Avatar Icons & Mockups


If you need a personal avatar or a mockup for a website you’re designing, then there are a lot of avatar icons available online. SVG’s for your designs, photographs for those website mockups, you’ll find a variety of different avatars and icons perfect for your next project. 1. Humaaans Humaaans are little vector people, available for commercial use in a free design library. You can...

5 Good Flat File CMS Options


When we think of content management systems (CMS), we often think about popular offerings such as WordPress and Drupal. Both rely on a traditional MySQL database, where a website’s content and settings are stored. However, not all systems work this way. A flat file CMS, for example, eschews the need for a database server. They store site data in a simple text file. This cuts down on latency and...

8 Free Unique Fonts You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Yet


As a designer, you should always be on the lookout for an interesting new font to try. Typography is one of the most important elements of a design, and a unique font can really set your creation apart. Decorative ones in particular can be rare due to the difficulty in making stylized text both beautiful and legible. Less common is these fonts being released for free, even on a personal license...

Modern Vector Background Collection


Modern Vector Background Collection contains 9 colorful backgrounds for you to add more color and dynamics to your design. These backgrounds are available in JPG, EPS, and AI format that you can resize however you want. You can also change the color to match your design work. These are perfect for big ads banner, prints, posters, flyers, and header as well. Big thanks to Freepik for creating and...

For Professional Web/App Designers and Developers


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