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How to check traffic sources of specific page in Google Analytics


Hi guys! This morning me & my partner Zvi Lando were stumbling across to get a little thing done in GA, put up to its complexity I hear this from many people around the SEO industry & specially from my clients, is, basically is that they don’t know how to see where the traffic came from – for a specific page!

Sometimes you just need to see how visitors arrived at a specific page on your website. You may want to know about the referring domain, or maybe even which pages on your own website referred users to a particular other page. This also works for a multitude of other uses. Pretty much anything you can find out about a website, you can also find out about a particular page.

Here’s how you Drill Down the Content to Your Specific Page

1. Go to your Analytics Dashboard, and go to Behavior -> Behavior Flow -> Site Content -> All Pages

2. Find the page you want to view data for, and click on it

3. Find where it says “Secondary Dimension,” and go to Behavior -> Full Referrer. This will show you the full paths to pages that referred visitors to this particular page. Or, you could do Behavior -> Previous Page Path to determine which pages on your own website led visitors to this specific page.

The possibilities are endless! You can mess around with the datasets and also do searches to narrow down pages containing certain strings in their URL, etc.

If you’ve been facing any such problems, post your comment & I’ll be happy to help.

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