10 Interesting JS and CSS Libraries for February 2020

10 Interesting JS and CSS Libraries for February 2020

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01. A-Frame

A-frame is one of the most popular and feature-packed VR frameworks out there. It’s based on web technologies like HTML and JS, so it’s super easy to get into, while at the same time offering support for most major VR platforms like Vive and Rift. It recently had its official v1.0.0 release and is better than ever.

02. React Nice Dates

Touch-friendly date-picker for React with a beautiful design. The library is fully modular, consisting of separate components and utilities which can be mix-and-matched to create the perfect date picker for your needs.

03. Snowpack

Revolutionary new tool for bundling JavaScript dependencies. Unlike Webpack and other bundlers, which recompile your assets after every file change, Snowpack does only an initial setup. After everything is compiled, any new changes to your code will be instantly available without a build step.

04. Craft.js

Great React framework that helps you create user-friendly page editors. It makes it possible to change the content of a web page using drag & drop, detailed text controls, media embeds, and more. Perfect for building content management systems and WYSIWYG apps.

05. Yarn 2

Yarn offers an excellent alternative to NPM with a number of great features like module caching for using it offline and “flat mode” that works great to reduce duplicating packages. The project just released a new major update so make sure to check it out.

06. Playwright

Playrwight is an awesome node library by the Microsoft team for building automated write-once-run-everywhere UI tests. It covers most browsers that are based on Chromium, WebKit and Firefox, as well as all the major operating systems. The API is really clean and easy to work with, so that you can quickly open pages, manipulate them, and take screenshots.

07. VoxelSpace

Interesting GitHub repo for an infinite terrain generator created from scratch. The source code has plenty of comments and is easy to follow, plus the rendering algorithm itself is very well explained in the read me. You can check out the demo here.

08. Web Extension Starter

This is a really handy starter kit for creating multi-browser web extensions. It makes it super easy to build web add-ons for Chrome, Firefox and Opera out of the same code base. The kit covers browser specific APIs, manifests, and build files, to make sure your plugin works everywhere.

09. Mirage

Powerful API mocking library for writing tests without having an actual back-end. Mirage can be configured to recreate complex dynamic scenarios, typically only possible when using a real production server. The setup can then be shared with the rest of your codebase so that the tests run on all teammates’ machines.

10. Panzoom

As the name suggests, Pan-zoom is a framework for handling pan and zoom actions in your apps. It works great on mobile, supports both DOM elements and SVG’s, and offers plenty of customization options.

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