10 Interesting JS and CSS Libraries for May 2019

10 Interesting JS and CSS Libraries for May 2019

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1. Tessaract.js

Powerful JavaScript (Node and browser) library for extracting text out of images. It automatically detects the text position and orientation, recognizing over 60 languages including Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

2. OverlayScrollbars

Great JavaScript library that changes the way scrollbars look without altering the native browser behavior. It offers a well documented API with tons of customization features, optional jQuery dependency, and support for all mainstream browser.

3. mailgo

Tiny library that automatically replaces mailto: links with a nice popover that offers links for opening Gmail or Outlook, a button to copy the email address, and spam protection.

4. React95

A collection of over 30 React components in the style of Windows 95. Includes date pickers, buttons, icons, form inputs, and lots more retro UI goodies.

5. Reattempt

Lightweight library for Node.js and the browser that makes it possible to give a-sync functions a second chance. By wrapping your functions in a Reattempt block, you can make sure request or other a-sync operation try running a couple of times before giving up.

6. Medium Zoom

Awesome JavaScript library for creating image zoom light-boxes in the style of Medium. Comes with many powerful features including mouse and key press controls, SD to HD quality on zoom, 60 fps animations, and more.

7. Ink

React-based framework for building command line apps. Offers a wide range of components that speed up developing CLI apps and makes it possible to create terminal tools with more advanced layouts and controls.

8. Ola

Great charting library for interpolating numbers and data sets. Offers displaying the data in a variety of chart types, all of which can be dynamically updated with super-smooth animations.

9. Octotree

Browser extension that displays a code tree in GitHub repositories and greatly improves the way you browse files in libraries and open-source projects. Available in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

10. Cash

Cash is an absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers that provides jQuery-style chain able methods for manipulating the DOM. It doesn’t aim to have complete jQuery coverage, instead focusing on the more commonly used methods.

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