10 Interesting JS and CSS Libraries for May 2020

10 Interesting JS and CSS Libraries for May 2020

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01. Image Compare

Awesome Vanilla JS plugin for comparing between images. It adds an interface that looks and works great right out of the box, making it super easy to check the differences between two images. Perfect for showing before and after on renders and photos.

02. Ackee

Ackee is an open-source project giving you all the needed tools to add self-hosted analytics to your website. It offers a Node.js based API that’s similar to that of Google Analytics and is easy to install. There is also a ready-to-use admin panel with a very nice design and plenty of features.

03. Event Cards

A beautiful CodePen of a React component for showing event cards or other UI elements with thumbnails. It has a nice modern design and simple, yet very effective animations.

04. MVP.css

CSS framework without classes that makes it super easy to style web pages without writing any CSS or additional markup. Simply include the provided stylesheet and most of the HTML elements as well as the page layout will get better default styles.

05. Vidact

Vidact is an interesting project that takes your React code as input and transforms it into vanilla JS that has the same functionality but doesn’t rely on virtual DOM. It is similar to the popular Svelte framework but it doesn’t introduce any new syntax – it just takes React components and outputs plain JavaScript.

06. 98.css

A fun CSS framework for building retro user interfaces in the style of Windows 98. Like most other UI frameworks it gives you some basic style utilities and a collection of components for quickly building a layout, only this time that layout will have the nostalgic charm of Windows from over two decades ago.

07. Markmap

Useful JS tool that helps you visualize large Markdown documents by generating mindmaps. It takes all the sections of the .md file and presents them in a way that is easy to follow and navigate.

08. jExcel

Vanilla JavaScript library with no external dependencies that makes it super easy to create excel-like spreadsheets. The interactive tables offer tons of features, lots of customization options, and excellent browser support.

09. SiriWave

A nicely done Canvas animation, replicating the Siri assistant voice wave. There are plenty of customization options via the JavaScript API so with a little tinkering you can use this to create fantastic looking music or voice visualizations.

10. Checklist

Beautiful design for a shopping list, featuring some stunning animations created only using CSS. Make sure to check out Milan Raring’s other CodePens, there are many other amazing little designs there!

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