Best Free Avatar Icons & Mockups

Best Free Avatar Icons & Mockups

If you need a personal avatar or a mockup for a website you’re designing, then there are a lot of avatar icons available online. SVG’s for your designs, photographs for those website mockups, you’ll find a variety of different avatars and icons perfect for your next project.

1. Humaaans

Humaaans are little vector people, available for commercial use in a free design library. You can customize hair, clothing, pose and skin color. The vectors are simple and match well with many design styles, too. Add some scenery and you have a versatile set of avatars.

2. UI Faces

Need some faces for your mockups, such as to fill an author or bio avatar spot? UI Faces aggregates faces from free photo websites like Unsplash and Pexels, collecting them for you to use. You can sort by various factors like gender, age and emotion. A super useful resource!

3. People Avatar

This perfect pack of simplistic human avatars comes with a variety of hairstyles and outfits! Download the whole package or individually. All you need to do is credit the author.

4. Avatar and Userpic Pack

50 faces, three sizes and carefully compressed to retain maximum quality and minimum file size. All sourced from various free stock photo sites across the web and with a Creative Commons Zero license. What more could your mockup need?

5. Avataaars

Need a simple vector avatar/headshot? Avataaars allows you to quickly customize and save an illustrated character. Then embed or save as a PNG or SVG. If you just need a character quick, click the Random button and save.

6. Bottts

Are you a Sketch user? Hurrah!, then Bottts allows you to create and customize the heads and bodies of robots! Tall, short, pink or grey, this quirky Sketch library is free to use in all of your more lighthearted projects.

7. 16 Free Vector User Avatar Icons

This kit of cute illustrated vectors is perfect for those using Sketch and Illustrator. There’s a variety of male and female choices with slight variations in clothing, hair and expression so they remain consistent.

8. Cute User Avatar Icon Set

Simply adorable! This pack of fifty cute SVG/PNG faces comes in three styles: Colored, flat and outline. Everything from a variety of simple people to costumes like ninjas and nuns are here. And you can easily change the colors to your liking.

9. Diversity Avatars

Available to download in four different formats, these vectors were created with the diversity of various cultures in mind. You’ll also find a few throwbacks to popular characters and historical figures. If you like the sample there’s an even bigger project with hundreds of icons with customizable elements, but this set will cost you.

10. Free Avatar Pack

This set of 200 faces make for great temporary avatars. Each image has a transparent background, so use it with your own scenes or mix and match the ones provided to create a diverse set!

11. 77 Free Avatars Pack

Besides various photos of people, this pack also includes characters and landscapes. A great choice if you just need an assortment of icons fast.

12. Free 50 Avatars

Here’s some cartoon like avatars that are extra glossy! Catch people’s eyes with these bright and colorful avatars just packed with personality. There are 25 female and 25 male avatars, each with its own unique design.

13. Male and Female Avatar Vector Faces

These six vector PSD’s are super easy to customize in Photoshop, or you can download and use the faces as-is.


So, give your website a new life. These type of icons/illustrations can really add some vibrancy to a website and they’re also a great source when you need quick graphics for your design mockups.

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