Apollo Web App: A nice choice for music lovers

Apollo Web App: A nice choice for music lovers

Life is lonely and so are most of the millennials. We believe that music is a common soul-stirring thread that connects one and most of us. A music-hater!! Nah, they do not exist. Each one of us is known to love a specific or distinct type of music. Be it rock, be it jazz, be it classical, or for that matter a lullaby loved by the new-born. This is where Apollo steps in. It is a social media Web App for music that lets anyone share and edit into music pieces. 

Creating Music Mosaics

 A music lover once said that ‘Music is life and that is the reason our hearts have beats’ Apollo Web-based  App allows us to share these beats. In these Coronavirus times people are spending eons of time on social media platforms for music, entertainment, connectivity, etc. On these platforms, images, video, text, graphics, effects, etc. are all available in shareable formats. But sadly, music files, in terms of source files with Web Appropriate notes still require tools, specific file formats, conversion platforms, etc. to work on. Music is a universal language, and should thus not be vetted in terms of place, origin, music regions, amongst others.

In an unprecedented music industry move, the Apollo Web App enables music lovers to share their music pieces in the form of open, simply shareable docs. The shared documents can be downloaded and edited to create new personalized masterpieces by the new tech-savvy generation. The idea was so well received, that the Web App got featured in one of the most exclusive social media yearly reports by Mobile App Daily.

This revolutionary Music Driven Apollo Social Web App is the apt space for music lovers and creators in these times of Pandemic who intend to shelf deeper into their music passions and create their own pieces of music in tune with already existing masterpieces.


No doubt, music is soul-stirring for one and all. But, creating these souls stirring pieces is a different ball game altogether. It requires knowledge and expertise of instruments, its tones, voices,  duration, etc. and then there are notes that represent all this in a sequential manner. Music may sound easy, but is tough to construct; especially digital music without a whole team to support.

Apollo music Web App offers music veterans the earlier unimaginable option of garnering Music and transparency together. It offers music, in its prime creative form, throughout the Web App experience. In simpler terms, it allows its users the ability to share & collaborate on music. Users can upload music from their personal library;  music they love or music that was homegrown. Once uploaded, the entire audience has access to this music piece to listen, unabashedly edit and re-share with the Web App audience for feedback and further collaborations. Thus, it provides music makers an unmatched opportunity to create their personal masterpieces, without much ado. Due to its efficiency and productivity, on its arrival version itself, the Apollo Web App has been featured in the upcoming yearly report on the most productive social media apps listing on Mobile App Daily, a platform for global app developers and the comprehensive app development market.

Features that make Apollo Web App a hit with the music lovers:

Music is at the heart of mostly all created audio and video content. The Apollo Web App is a social networking web application for music that lets its users create their profiles as per their inclination of music and upload their own or music pieces of their liking. Its features include:

  1. Music and Transparency: Apollo music player is a 100% transparent, social networking Web Application platform for music. In an era of unvetted Government oversight, this never-before app concept provides music-developers and users an option to browse the source code and appreciate its simplicity and beauty.
  2. Simplicity: Surprisingly, Apollo Web App is a Simple, Java- coded, Apache & MySQL application. Thus, the functionalities and interface involved are also very simple.
  3. Making music accessible and approachable to all: Earlier, the specifically designed music pieces and their appreciations were only for the elite few who developed and had these pieces. With the advent of the Apollo Web App, these pieces can be shared with an unlimited audience for appreciation, and partnering for further work on newer music pieces.

For instance, A guitarist may upload a tune he created. A drummer may download it through the Apollo Web App android version and further add his beats to it, and so on till they together tumble upon a complete music development.

Apart from these, the Web App also offers a host of music listening options that include:

  • Complete support for open source music files,
  • Equalizer Support
  • Easy synchronization and sorting of already existing playlists in terms of artists, genres, albums, etc.
  • Playing of multiple playlists
  • Headphones Support
  • Sleep Timer Settings
  • Support for Android Playlists including Last.Fm and iTunes
  • Uninterrupted music play options.


Overall, it is easy to synchronize, easy to install, play, and edit music Web App. The concepts and technology utilized are undoubtedly, unique and simple. But, it does the job well. The Apollo Web App is unleashing music for and to enrich social developments.

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