12 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating the Duotone Effect

12 Best Photoshop Actions for Creating the Duotone Effect

Duotone, double color, or whatever else you want to call it, on this is for certain about this photo effect: it’s cool. And trying to replicate it on your own can be a bit difficult if you’re not well versed in post-production. But as you might’ve guessed, that’s where Photoshop actions come into play.

With as little as a single click, a Photoshop action can create a duotone effect in your photos that makes a real impact and takes your photography to the next level. The level of professional results this type of Photoshop action can wield speaks for itself.

What we’ve done is compile a solid set of double color or duotone effect Photoshop actions here that make creating interesting looks in your edited photos easier and more attainable. Go ahead and take a look at our list. Something is bound to pique your interest!

01. Double Color Exposure Effect Photoshop Action 

First on our list is the Double Color Exposure Effect Photoshop Action. This action is powerful and easy to use. It comes with 6 overlay effects and 27 gradient presets. You can apply it with just a couple of clicks and it comes with a help file to help you troubleshoot should anything go awry along the way.

02. Advanced Double Exposure Photoshop Action 

The Advanced Double Exposure Photoshop Action is another fantastic choice. This effect is also easy to use and creates, as its name would suggest, a cool double exposure effect by combining two photos into one. It includes 18 color presets, customization options, and well-organized layers that are color coded for easy use.

03. Beautiful Double Color Exposure Photoshop Action 

Here’s another great choice for creating a duotone or double color effect. The Beautiful Double Color Exposure Photoshop Action works with any image you want, can be implemented in a single click, and comes with thorough instructions for easy use. It includes 7 color styles and combinations as well.

04. Four Double Exposure Photoshop Actions 

This one is actually a set of four separate actions, each of which help to create a double exposure effect. You can combine them together or use them alone depending on the visual outcome you want to achieve. It works best on pictures with medium to high exposure, comes with a help file, and is optimized to run smoothly.

05. Trendy Double Exposure Photoshop Action 

The Trendy Double Exposure Photoshop Action provides results that are just plain cool. This action is easy to use and can be customized to suit a variety of needs and situations. It has well-organized layers for easier edits, comes with an illustrated guide, and provides a video tutorial as well so you’ll never have to guess how to implement this action.

06. Double Exposure Photoshop Actions from Sevenstyles 

Another option is this Double Exposure Photoshop Actions from Sevenstyles. This action includes a two double exposure action that combines two photos and a single exposure action that applies to a single photo. It also comes with depth of field actions, 235 light effects, 33 textures, and a chromatic distortion action. Finally, it comes with a video tutorial that makes it super easy to get started with this action.

07. Double Exposure Kit Photo Action & Gradient 

The Double Exposure Kit Photo Action & Gradient is another fantastic choice for creating interesting finished photos. This kit comes with Photoshop actions, 30 textures, 10 double exposure gradients, and more for adding double exposure effects to your photos with just a couple of clicks. You can combine these tools or use them alone. It’s up to you.

08. Double Exposure Photoshop Action 

The Double Exposure Photoshop Action makes it super easy to create a double exposure effect on a whim. It only takes a few seconds to implement and the end result is stunning. This action comes with 25 color scripts and custom colors. Plus, it’s fully layered, customizable, and comes with documentation. What more could you ask for?

09. Animated Parallax Double Exposure Photoshop Action 

If you want a little more variability in your double exposure effects, the Animated Parallax Double Exposure Photoshop Action is a great choice. It comes with four different parallax shift styles and can be implemented with just a couple of clicks. It’s fully layered, customizable, and shaves off a ton of time from your workflow.

10. Color Double Exposure Photoshop Action 

The Color Double Exposure Photoshop Action delivers professional results in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to use, is fully editable, and grouped so it can be used fast. It comes with 50 color presets and you have control over each layer so you can pick and choose which elements of the effect you want to use. Finally, this action is non-destructive, so your original images remain intact.

11. AI Modern Double Exposure Photoshop Actions 

Here’s another great option. The AI Modern Double Exposure Photoshop Actions use AI to detect faces, which make them faster to implement. It includes layers that are well-organized and editable. You can swap out textures as well. This action set includes 30 textures, skin tone protection, and more.

12. Double Exposure Glow Photoshop Actions 

Double Exposure Glow Photoshop Actions is the last set on our list and it’s just as solid an option as all others listed here. It can be implemented in a single click, has organized layers, and includes several adjustment settings for easier use. It’s easy to edit and includes full documentation as well. Once added to your photos, you can enjoy a nice glow effect on top of a traditional double exposure.

How to Install Photoshop Actions

  1. Download and unzip the action file
  2. Launch Photoshop
  3. Go to Window > Actions
  4. Select Load Actions from the menu and go to the folder where you saved the unzipped action file to select it
  5. The Action will now be installed
  6. To use the newly installed action, locate it in the Action panel
  7. Click the triangle to the left of the action name to see the list of available actions
  8. Click the action you want to play and press the play button at the bottom of the Actions panel

This collection of duotone effects and double exposure effects are a logical fit for anyone who works in photo editing regularly. All are fantastic options that would serve you well. The differences are grounded in aesthetic preferences. So, go ahead and give a few a try. These Photoshop actions will only serve to make your workflow easier.

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